Extendicare Parkside

Health Care Services at Extendicare Parkside


Long-term care

Extendicare’s long-term care services are designed for people who can no longer be cared for at home or in assisted living. Our homes specialize in providing long-term care and a variety of innovative services and programs that help support the physical and emotional needs of an individual over an extended period of time, whether that is a period of months or even years.

Convalescent care

Extendicare uses an interdisciplinary, person-centered approach for residents who have suffered from a prolonged acute or chronic illness or have recently been injured and/or undergone surgery. These residents often require ongoing assessment and treatment, nutritional support or assistance with self-care and activities of daily living. With a length of stay from seven to a maximum of 90 days, our goal is to not only get you home safe, but to help you stay there.